PES is a group of the companies which represent technical decisions of the world famous manufacturer in the field of industrial electronics and electric equipments Schneider Electric (France), already recommended high quality of production in the Russian market.


ODO "Pneumoelectroservice" represents various decisions in the field of automation of manufacture. The employee of the company have experience of professional development of complex products of electronic technics. It allows our company to make all cycle of works on creation of systems of automation of manufacture of various complexity. To the service center of our company the manufacturer - concern Schneider Electric - gives exclusive in territory of Byelorussia the right to make in full works on service and repair of converters of frequency and devices of smooth start-up of manufacture Schneider Electric.


ODO «ProfessionalEnergoSystems» delivers the electrotechnical equipment to the enterprises of the industry and a power complex. We deliver all scale of the electrotechnical production which is let out Schneider Electric, including ready decisions, such as complete switching centres (CSC), dry transformers, devices of indemnification of jet capacity, a cell and switches 6-10 кV, cases of various purpose, automatic switches a pressure 0,4 кV, we participate in projects of modernization of an electric equipment of the enterprises of any level.


The personnel of our companies consists of the highly skilled experts having a profile technical education, last additional training in the specialized educational centers and certified by company Schneider.


The basic directions of activity of our company:

- Deliveries of the electrotechnical equipment of company Schneider Electric;

- Deliveries of components for systems of industrial automation;

- Creation of systems of automation and management of technological processes;

- Authorized Service center Schneider Electric;


ODO Pneumoelectroservice is the official distributor companies Schneider Electric (France), the regional distributor companies Omron (Japan), the general supplier of the equipment of companies IGUS (Germany) and Autonics (Korea).

The highest parity quality/price of delivered production, a professional level of technical support, experience and close interaction with the customer at the decision of its problems make a basis of our activity and our success.

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